Think Outside the Box for Your Next Pet

Stop by our exotic pet store in Howell Township, NJ for exotic mammals, birds, reptiles, and tropical fish

Cats and dogs make wonderful pets, but not everybody wants to go the standard route. If you're intrigued by the idea of owning a slightly more exotic pet, you're in the right place.

Major League Exotic Pets has all kinds of animals at our exotic pet store in Howell Township, NJ. Whether you're in the market for a reptile or a bird, you're sure to find a cool creature to be your new buddy. Learn more about our:

  • Exotic mammals
  • Exotic reptiles
  • Tropical fish
  • Exotic birds

  • If you're curious about our exotic animals for sale, stop by our store today. We look forward to meeting you.

    Exotic animals are our passion

    Our family-owned pet store has been serving the Howell Township, NJ area for over 37 years. Nothing makes us happier than when we see our customers bonding with their new pets.

    You want the best for your pet, which is why you'll appreciate that we offer high-quality exotic pet supplies from top brands. Not only are our products highly rated, but they're also affordable.

    To learn more about our inventory of exotic pet supplies, call 732-961-7234 now.

    Here's what you'll find at our pet store

    Have you always wanted to see a hedgehog or boa constrictor up close? Now is your chance - our exotic pet store sells all kinds of:

    • Mammals
    • Reptiles
    • Birds
    • Fish
    Whether you're looking for a pet or just want to pop in for a visit, there's always something new to discover at our store. Start exploring today!