Owning a Pet Doesn't Have to Be a Hassle

Bring home one of our exotic reptiles in Howell Township, NJ

Do you want a new companion without having to worry about lots of furballs? An exotic reptile could be the perfect solution for you. Just ask the team at Major League Exotic Pets in Howell Township, NJ about our reptile selection.

We believe reptiles make great pets because they're fun to look at and easy to take care of. Unlike dogs, they're content to be by themselves and rarely make noise - all you have to do is feed them once or twice a week!

Not sure what kind of reptile you want? Check out our pythons for sale today.

Make your reptile feel at home

Make your reptile feel at home

At Major League Exotic Pets, you'll find all kinds of exotic reptiles and amphibians for sale, including lizards, boa constrictors and pythons. Plus, we carry all kinds of supplies. You can purchase food and enclosures from top brands like:

  • Keepers Choice
  • Exo Terra
  • Gal├ípagos
  • PetsTEK
  • Zoo Med
  • Pangea
  • Zilla
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